Breaking News: NHLPA Denies Proposed Realignment For Next Season

The National Hockey League announced that the proposed realignment for next season has been put on hold. The NHLPA would not give it's approval for the proposed realignment, which was the reason why it was denied. Of course, this doesn't look very good for the NHL, as the current CBA expires after this season.

This means that the current format of six divisions will remain the same through next season. As a result, it looks like the Winnipeg Jets will remain in the South East division for at least one more year, along with a rugged travel schedule.

This is obviously great news for the Rangers as they were opposed to the idea of having a very tough division. The proposal would have the Rangers division consisting of the entire Atlantic division, with the addition of the Carolina Hurricanes, and the Washington Capitals.

We will continue to keep on this, and update anything that we hear.