Brodzinski Recalled to NYR and Jones Assigned to Wolf Pack

The Rangers made a couple of moves this afternoon in preparation for their game tomorrow night against the St. Louis Blues. Jonny Brodzinski was recalled to the NHL team, while Zac Jones was sent the other way to the Hartford Wolf Pack.

With Nemeth coming back it’s not terribly surprising that Jones winds up as the odd man out. In recent games, slowly but surely Jones has been acclimating to the pace of the NHL and while this move may have been predictable it doesn’t make it any less head scratching when weighing the impact he’s had on the ice vs. Nemeth or any other replacement the team has dressed this year.

With Gallant confirming for the press that Chytil will be back in the line up, the move to promote Brodzinski comes with a few unanswered questions. Will another player be sitting in the press box to give the Wolf Pack captain a chance to make an impact? I’m sure we’ll learn more as game time approaches.