Cam Talbot Trade: Glen Sather Has Rejected An Offer Worth Two Second Round Picks

There is interest around Cam Talbot and the Rangers are fielding offers.

We've correctly speculated the Cam Talbot reign in New York (well, reign as in the backup) will come to an end before the draft, and now we're getting concrete evidence that's the case.

According to Darren Dreger (quotes below pulled from Today's Slapshot) the Rangers have already rejected an offer:

"And that's through no fault of the Edmonton Oilers, the Buffalo Sabres, the San Jose Sharks - the teams most interested in Cam Talbot. The Rangers recognize that he's a valuable piece. He's got another year left at 1.45. He's proven that he can be an excellent 1A goaltender. He came in long term in place of Henrik Lundqvist last season, who had some injury issues, obviously. And he proved that it appears he's ready to be a starter.

"He's the focus, I'm told, of the Oilers and the Buffalo Sabres, but they still have to find a way to get a deal done. I'm not certain of what has been offered from Edmonton's perspective. I'm told that there was a team that offered two second round picks for Cam Talbot and that didn't close the deal.

The full comments are in the above link.

Few takeaways from this:

1) Glen Sather obviously has a better idea of the landscape for Talbot than we do -- since he's in the room doing, you know, the actual trade work -- and there's obviously a big market for Talbot. To get an offer worth two second round picks and to reject it and still have people calling and negotiating? Yeah, Talbot has value.

2) We speculated whether or not Talbot's one-year deal was going to hurt his value. It obviously hasn't and is being looked at as a positive.

3) There are two themes for speculated Talbot returns. The first is a first round pick, the second is a second round pick with a solid prospect. There were other rumors the Rangers are trying to package Kevin Klein with Talbot for a bigger return, but right now the Klein rumors have silenced.

Thoughts on this guys? Think Sather can pry a 1st round pick from someone?