Capital's Fan Gets Into It With John Tortorella

It's pretty sad when the head coach has more of a fight in him than his team does. The only real emotion that came from the Rangers side all game was when John Tortorella got into an altercation with a Capitals fan. Rumor has it that the probably drunk Caps fan spit on Tortorella and then tried to dump a beer on him. The exact details are not known yet, but it sounds about right since for Tortorella to respond the way he did, it had to be something pretty severe.

Video shows Tortorella launching a water bottle back at the fan and then wielding Aaron Voros' stick and as he tried to scale the glass to go after the fan. Luckily for the Caps fan, Jim Schoenfeld restrained Tortorella and eventually security calmed the situation.

Now I'm not saying that Rangers fans at MSG should start throwing their beers at Bruce Boudreau during Game 6. Not only is that classless, but it's a waste of a perfectly good overpriced beer. However, I would not be surprised if something similar happens as some sort of a retaliation.

Even though a suspension might be handed down, I'm glad Torts responded the way he did. Some may say it was a loss of discipline, but as long as he didn't actually hit the fan, he showed something to his players. Coupled with the Sean Avery benching, he made it clear that he isn't going to take any (Wayne) from anyone. Hopefully some of his fire gets infused into his lackluster team before this series gets away from them.