Captain America and Your Off Topic Thread

Hey gang, going to try something a little bit different. There are a lot of random things to talk about in Rangers and hockey news (not to mention other stuff) so use this thread as an "off topic thread" to talk about anything and everything (within reason). If there is anything worthwhile on TV tonight (other than the Sharks vs. the Canucks tonight) or any rumors, stories, or anything else you want to discuss this is the place to do it!

The original purpose of this "story" is to share with you something I slapped together last night. This was something 8kpower requested at some point in the season that I only recently got around to putting together. I present to you... Ryan Callahan, Captain America.

Do you think next season will be the year we see the "C" stitched on to the front of Callahan's jersey? Do you think someone else is more deserving? Do you want to make my day and talk about how much you like my little poster? Join me for more after the jump...

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  • Anything else you guys want to talk about.