Check out Mackenzie Skapski’s new Rangers mask

Hopefully it gets a lot of use, because it looks amazing.

The New York Rangers have a pretty set depth chart for their goaltending at the NHL level. Naturally, Henrik Lundqvist is the starter; behind him, Antti Raanta is the backup. That isn’t likely to change.

But sometimes, things happen. Mackenzie Skapski didn’t play any NHL games in 2015-16, but he did get to make his debut in 2014-15.

We’ll have to see where this season takes him, but we know one thing for sure: he’s got an all-Rangers styled goalie mask for the year, and it looks really different - and really, really cool.

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It isn’t that often you see pretty clean goalie masks, but this one is as clean as they come. Blue and white, with some awesome effects on the coloring, and just the Rangers’ logo. It isn’t showy at all, but it just plain works.

Skapski did save 12 of 13 shots he faced in just over 30 minutes of preseason action last night. We’ll see where this year takes him - hopefully it’ll be good places, and we can see this mask in action.