Chris Drury Discussion Thread (with Flowchart)

This summer, in a theater near you, the epic saga of a man from Trumbull, Connecticut may very well come to an end. The whole Chris Drury "buy-out but he can’t be bought-out so let’s hope he retires or something" situation has become very confusing and at this point I am beginning to worry about how it is affecting his teammates. It would be distracting if the player that was going through this was a third or fourth liner, but the player that is going through this is the captain of the team. Even if we don't get the happy ending we are all hoping for, I hope that the Chris Drury "situation" comes to an end as soon as possible, it is not something I want to have distract and infuriate us all summer (and maybe next season? Gulp.) long.

The Rangers are going to have a microscope on them next year with the Winter Classic and it would be a real shame if what happened (or didn't happen) in the summer with Drury becomes a sideshow or a storyline of any kind. Not to mention the whole "we need cap space to make a splash in the free agent market and Drury doesn’t really have a place on this team anymore" aspect of the whole thing. Join me for more after the jump…

I have been confused and mystified by the series of events that have unfolded thus far. Have you? If you have questions or got lost somewhere in the tornado of confusion about what is happening with Chris Drury this thread is for you. Also, I made a nifty flowchart for you guys because I know that when I see big intimidating words pictures help me digest and understand things.

The buyout window ends June 30th (one week from tomorrow) and the free agent market opens July 1st... will we see the end of Chris Drury's career as a Ranger in the next week or will we be stuck with him for the final year of his contract? Only time will tell.

Anyway, this is your Chris Drury discussion thread, have at it boys and girls.