Chytil Skating in Top Six

With game one scheduled for Sunday at the Garden, the Rangers are diligently at practice. While Chytil has been a full participant in practice, something about today's drills looked slightly different.

There are many pros and cons on whether it'd be best for Chytil to remain out or be thrust back into action starting in the postseason. To be frank, there probably isn't a real right answer here. The only thing certain right now is Laviolette will not be giving us any indication until gameday what the lineup will look like.

Regardless of all the speculation, each practice the young and skilled center can partake in is a boon for the Blueshirts. The closer he gets to game status, the more prepared and deeper the Rangers and their roster will be. Chytil is a dangerous player, whether that's in the middle or on the wing, he has a fast playmaking and scoring touch that can supplement the team's attack. It allows them to either fortify their top two lines or add another layer of skill to the bottom half of their roster. Perhaps we'll learn more as we get closer to gameday. Let's go Rangers.