Coaches Vs. Cancer: Quinnipiac Edition

Just some awareness for Coaches Vs. Cancer.

Hey guys,

So you guys know I usually don't post things like this unless it's important - and even then it's a touch uncomfortable. Actually, we've only done something like this once before - when you guys helped the Quinnipiac Men's Ice Hockey Team (who are heading to the Frozen Four!!!!) kick the crap out of cancer impacting children.

This request comes a little closer to home.

My girlfriend's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer back in December. A second test revealed the cancer had spread to both breasts and potentially her lymph nodes. She went into surgery, and they not only removed everything but also informed her that the cancer actually hasn't spread to her lymph nodes and she wouldn't even need further treatment post-surgery recovery.

Today - just two months after the surgery - she's cancer-free.

Unfortunately her story isn't as typical as you would think it should be these days. So much work is going into fundraising for cancer in general, especially breast cancer, that you would think there is already a cure. There's not.

Something like this probably seems so normal to see, but when it hits close to home (my grandmother also had breast cancer, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know someone who has suffered from cancer in general) it makes it a little more real.

Anyway, in her mother's honor, my girlfriend is doing a fundraiser for cancer through her lacrosse team (Quinnipiac women's lacrosse) thanks to Coaches Vs. Cancer. If you feel so inclined to donate - their goal is $1,500 - you can here. Otherwise, take a moment to hug your loved ones, you really never do know where life will take you.

Thanks for the time, guys. It's appreciated.