Colin Campbell E-mail Leaks Before Penguins Game

Yet another Colin Campbell email leaked late last night. I'm not sure how many more of these the NHL can take before they have to teach Collie how to change his gmail password...

To: [Referee #1], [Referee #2]
CC: [Lineseman #1], [Linesman #2]

Subject: In preparation for tonight's game


I realize that these frequent emails outlining the protocol for the games might be getting old. In fact, I'm pretty Van Massenhoven has blocked my emails.. That [expletive] has it comin' next time I see him... Well before I get too far off topic, here is a quick outline (I put the important stuff in bold, I know some of you guys don't see all that well):

1) no matter how much [player #1] may complain, no unsportsmanlike calls will be assessed. I realize that he can be obnoxious and whines more than a newborn. but in one ear and out the other.

2) If the crowd seems as though they want a penalty, even if you may or may not have seen it, it is a penalty. don't be afraid to keep your whistles in your pockets.

3) i don't care if that little faker on the [away team] gets shanked at center ice, no penalties will be drawn b/c of him. man i hate that guy..

[More after the jump..]

4) turn a blind eye to slew-foots. don't put fuel on the fire as i'm pretty sure some fans are still pissed about the incident from these two teams last meeting. by making a call on one the league will have to address it. it's better to act as if nothing ever happened and sweep it under the rug. for the most part, people have short attention spans. they tend to forget about those sort of things.

5) the fans came to see a win, create some momentum if you need to. don't be hesitant to follow up a 5 on 4 with another call - it's okay to make it a 5 on 3.

6) remember - [player #1] is always right. he has less than 30 penalty minutes this season, lets keep it that way.

You know the drill boys, I'll be in touch with you all after the game.

- Collie


For [expletive] sake, I don't want to see a miracle comeback. if the games in question, throw your arm up.

[for anyone who couldn't figure this out - this email is clearly fake]