Complete Recap Of HBO's 24/7 First Episode

The first episode of HBO's 24/7 debuted tonight, and it was one heck of a show. We got to see a behind the scenes look at each team, and some of the stuff will surely surprise you. We will be doing a recap of each episode, and if haven't seen the most recent episode, we have you covered.

We will be displaying the recap of each episode after the jump, so if haven't seen it yet, we don't want to spoil it for you. So here we go, tonight's full recap on tonight's first HBO 24/7 episode!

SPOILER ALERT: Recap will follow after the jump.






Tonight's episode started off with a bang, showing the most recent list to the Toronto Maple Leafs. It highlighted both the injuries to Michael Sauer and Michael Del Zotto. It's also worth noting that it only took just under a minute for the first F-bomb to drop this year.

We switched over the Flyers side just ten minutes into the episode, and we found the highlight of the night, Ilya Bryzgalov. He started off talking about how everyone warned him about signing in Philadelphia, because it was a "miserable market for goalies." Probably the biggest highlight of the night was Bryzgalov going into a very detailed astronomy lesson about the universe.

Again, we switched back over the Rangers side of the story. Henrik Lundqvist, Brian Boyle, and Brandon Prust accompanied Garden of Dreams children to Radio City Music Hall. Right off the bat, Prust start picking on Henrik Lundqvist by saying, "Henke watch your hair!" It was than switched over to Sean Avery's photo shoot, where we saw what he did when he wasn't playing hockey.

Back to Philadelphia we go. We started off by seeing a re-uniting of Max Talbot and past coach of Talbot, Dan Blysma. Followed by that, we heard Jagr's decision to sign in Philadelphia this past summer, and told us that "he just followed his heart." Scott Hartnell finished it off with a comment towards Matt Cooke after a scrum, "You're the dirtiest player in the league, great job bud."

We finally got around the main event of the evening, Artem Anisimov's "sniper" celebration. Immediately Anisimov started saying something to the ref in Russian, and honestly, I wish I knew what he said. It was followed by a Brandon Dubinsky screaming match in the penalty box at the ref as well. At intermission, Sean Avery, followed by Marian Gaborik both glared over at Anisimov with a big grin. Anisimov followed with a comment of "Just reload my weapon, you know?" While the it was all funny to us, John Tortorella was not pleased with his teams performance.

Artem Anisimov apologized after the game, to the entire team following his celebration earlier in the game. It was a great gesture by Anisimov, and he definitely gained my full respect after that.

Finally, we were able to witness the first Ranger victory of 24/7, with the 4-1 win over the Buffalo Sabres. Ryan Callahan's parents were in attendance for this one. However, the night before the Rangers gathered in a nearby restaurant for a team dinner. The Rangers have a rather, unique way, of deciding who gets to pay. The team puts everyone's credit card into a hat, and the final two cards that remain are left to pay for the bill. This time around, Jeff Woywitka and Henrik Lundqvist were left to pay the bill.

The final segment feature the most recent injury to Claude Giroux. Over the time, we witnessed some of the concussion tests Giroux took in order to give the results. After numerous tests, it was revealed that Giroux had a concussion, and would be sidelined indefinitely.

The next 24/7 episode will air next Wednesday at 10:00, followed by a re-run at 11:00. Hope everyone enjoy it!