Congratulations Quinnipiac University Class of 2010!

I know that we don’t often go way off topic here at the Banter, but I will ask that you bear with me for this. On Sunday me—and close to 1400 other graduates—graduated from Quinnipiac University.

This moment is obviously very bittersweet for me for a variety of reasons. I can honestly say that these past four years have been the best four years of my life, mainly because of the quality of people I have had the honor and the pleasure of interacting with. Consider this my thank you to all of you for the impact you have had on my life. Does it belong on a Rangers website? Probably not, but we were never conventional at Quinnipiac so here it goes.

For those of you who are already confused, I apologize for the content below since it will most likely cause confusion. It will be filled with little inside jokes and QU tidbits. If you don’t wanna sift through all of that then no need to join me after the jump; I’ll understand.

As for the rest of you, join me after the jump for more.

I don’t really know how to start. I wanted to select some of my favorite memories, throw a few punches (friendly ones of course) and then walk out. But as I sit at my computer and try to boil up just a few of my favorite memories I realize that I can’t.

I mean, do I start with all of the ruckus we caused on D3E? I have vivid memories of living it up in mansion (you better not turn up that music!), and JJ Thursdays. And destroying the bathroom … sorry Maria. They always say that college is the time to make all of your mistakes, and my God did we freshman and sophomore year. I am pretty sure that at one point every member of D3E was on deferred suspension or probation; including a period of time when every one of us was.

I can still see Adam and Mike getting signatures for the beat stick, Phil pretending to be dead in the middle of the common room, DJ Tanner, Perlroth FC and especially that epic 7 game BP series that went to OT with Franchise. We will forever be a part of QU hockey with the protective barrier now protecting the QU fans from the opposing team. You can take your own guess at how it happened but know that I was a major part in it and I almost died. That includes all of you other crazies that trekked your way to Ingalls and fought with Yale dads and moms (although that kid will never be the same again). Nothing better than that.

Senior week was a blast, and no worries now I know what a CCC is. I can go through more but there are too many coming to mind right now, and I don’t want to bore you.

There are too many of you to thank personally, but I have to give a big thanks to all the roomies over the years. Jeremy, Matt, Dan, Jon, Andrew, Jon, Mark and Manders I wouldn’t have gotten where I am without you guys. Also huge props to Thaun Alexander, Matt Hasselback, Lofa and Dieon Branch (I couldn’t even explain if I tried).

Also a big thanks to my wonderful girlfriend who has stuck with my crazy ass the past few years (this includes you Amy, Beckie and Meighan!). And while on the subject a huge thanks to the entire QU women’s lacrosse team, I have never met a better, more deserving or classier group of girls. You guys better kick some ass next year you hear!

Finally a huge thanks to all of you and Jim especially. He brought me here, and I’ll be the first to tell all of you that this website has helped me grow as a person. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to write for, and I hope that I have in some way imposed myself positively on all of you. You will never know how much you have all helped me.

Make sure to give everyone who has graduated this year (no matter where from) big props, and good for you SOC to be the only school not to puke during commencement.

Back to you QU class of '10. I would wish you luck but I know that you will all make your own. So go on guys make tracks.