Daily News: Chris Higgins comes home to firefighter dad and cop brother

Michael Obernauer often gets a bad rap with Rangers fans, but he does a real nice article with this profile on one of the newest members of the Rangers, Chris Higgins:

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And what was Bobby Higgins' first reaction? "Heartbroken," he says. It took time to absorb the fact that his beloved Canadiens had traded away his son - he was driving when he heard the news and had to pull his car over - but once it sunk in, a picture began to emerge: three Higgins men working the night shift in New York City, all decked out in a shade of blue.

Kevin Higgins is a fourth-year officer in Manhattan's Midtown North precinct who "had the Police Department sighted since he was a kid," Bobby says. "Which makes him the black sheep of the family." It will also make him a familiar face around the Garden this season. Kevin's precinct begins 11 blocks north of MSG, and he doesn't punch in until midnight. Translation? "Every game," Kevin says he'll be attending. "Chris already knows I'll be his biggest ticket burner."

These days, it is Bobby Higgins who is hoping his son can stay healthy. Groin and hand injuries limited Chris to 57 games last season and just 12 goals - after breaking 20 in each of his first three NHL seasons - as the Canadiens crumbled in their 100th anniversary season. Now the hope is that a change of scenery, plus a formidable cheering section, will prove refreshing, even if he's only around for the one-year contract he signed at $2.25 million.