Dan Girardi has scored a lot against the Coyotes for some reason

He’s only played them 14 times. He has five goals.

It’s like Dan Girardi was fated to score the game winner against the Arizona Coyotes.

Well, maybe not to that extent. It’s difficult to say Girardi is ever really fated to score; his game winner was only the 43rd goal of his career, and that’s in over 700 NHL games played. He’s just not really a scorer.

Except, apparently, against the Coyotes. Via the Elias Sports Bureau:

Girardi has scored only 43 goals in his 11 seasons in the NHL but he's scored five times in 14 games versus the Coyotes. That matches Girardi's highest goal total against any NHL team. He's also scored five times versus the Islanders, though he's played 52 games against them.

Girardi scoring so often against the Islanders makes sense; he’s been a Ranger all his career, so of course, the Islanders have been a division rival all his career.

The Coyotes, though? Now that one’s just odd. They don’t even play in the same conference. Five goals in 14 games versus five goals in 52 is definitely a quirk.

A welcome one, though.

Ten of Girardi’s goals - nearly a quarter of his career total - have come against just two teams. That leaves 33 for the other 27 teams in the NHL. You do you, Girardi.