Discussion of the Day: 10/02/23

Discussion of the Day: 10/02/23

Happy Monday everyone, and happy October while we are at it. The countdown to the end of the preseason and start of the regular season rolls on, and I have a short and sweet prompt ahead of a story that is running at 10:00 a.m. today that take a look at the prospects who’ve been in camp.

Based on production and role they could play to start season, would you rather have Cuylle or Othmann on opening night roster?

Alternatively, you can also say neither if that’s something you feel strong about. Both are forward prospects who very might well end up as top-six forwards in October for the Hartford Wolf Pack, but it is also possible that one defies the odds and makes the opening roster in a top-nine role. I personally think that the team should be cautious considering how we’ve already seen the negative impact of asking a young player to do more than they are ready for before… but I am interested in what the consensus thinks.

Both have been very impressive in the preseason, and I think it is important that Peter Laviolette is continuing to give them opportunities to gain experience and show what they can do. The later they hang around, the tougher the competition they’ll face, and that essentially will give a brief glimpse of how “ready” they are. The sample size is super small, and you don’t want to draw any major conclusions from some exhibition games, but we shouldn’t ignore what they’ve done either.

I hope you have a great start to the week, and hope you check out Roberto’s prospect story that’s set to run in a little bit.