Discussion of the Day: 10/06/23

Discussion of the Day: 10/06/23

Happy Friday everyone! I apologize for missing yesterday because I had some stuff get in the way, but the more I think about it I am OK with it because it lined up with the Rangers’ preseason ending. With back to back games having been played, a pair of losses to the Devils and Bruins, I think now’s a good time to take a pulse of how everyone is feeling with the season just over a week away.

Did the team’s performance in the preseason impact your expectations for the upcoming season?

Once again, there’s no wrong answer here. Personally I think the team did most of their work in practice, and the goal of the games was primarily evaluating some of the players who are fighting for a roster spot. Many of the veterans didn’t do anything of note, and it makes sense that they did their best to stay healthy and get to the start of the regular season.

I personally liked what I saw out of Kaapo Kakko, Brennan Othmann, and Will Cuylle, and I am very interested on how the final cuts shake out. That said, I still feel that we need to temper expectations based on some reduced pace exhibition games, and also realize that once the regular season starts it is going to take a bit to get a real feel for the team.

Recently there’s been a number of analytical predictions put out, with the most recent coming from The Athletic, and that had the Rangers as the third-best team in the league. The gap between the Rangers and some of the teams behind them was minimal, but the larger point is that there is a sentiment of confidence in the team and what they’ll be able to do.

I am interested in what your main takeaways are from the preseason, and just like you ready for real hockey to start so we start to see how the additions fit in, and what the coaching staff does in the face of some adversity.