DMN wonders why Avery didn't fit in Big D

So I came across Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News' blog, and he was trying to figure out why Sean Avery didn't work out with the Dallas Stars.

Here is the article from the Dallas Morning News., and I'll give you a few highlights:

Why has Avery been so successful in his return to New York this month? Is it because the two organizations are philosophically different? Do the Stars preach team over everything, while the Rangers allow for individuality?

Could Avery have been the final piece if the team was healthy or was it simply the wrong player at the wrong time? I still believe it was the wrong player, but it sure doesn't look as foolish now that you see what the guy can do when he's on his game.

I'll give you guys a chance to discuss your thoughts on this, and then a little later on tmranger will make his Blueshirt Banter debut with his take on why Avery was a bad fit in Big D.