Dylan McIlrath Clears Waivers

In some shocking news, Dylan McIlrath has cleared waivers:

Why is this good: Because the Rangers don’t lose him for nothing! Yay! It also means the Rangers can bring him back up (doesn’t have to go through waivers to do that) and use him if needed. He’ll also continue to develop in the AHL which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Why is this still bad: Because McIlrath needs to play 41 more NHL games in order not to become a UFA this summer. Keeping McIlrath in the fold is good if the Rangers need to add him to a package or have a reason to bring him back up, but I can’t see any non-catastrophic scenario to the defense where McIlrath will find himself playing in 41 more NHL games.

Overall, I’m truly surprised he cleared waivers. The Rangers’ non-usage of him was obviously scary to other teams, although at his cap hit and with his pedigree (former top-10 pick) I can’t believe he cleared.