Elliotte Friedman: Rangers Are Focused on David Quinn for Head Coaching Vacancy

The mystery surrounding the New York Rangers’ search for a new head coach this offseason has been pretty much a guessing game, with very little information being leaked through the media. Jim Montgomery was an option earlier in the month before signing with the Dallas Stars, but the Rangers may have zeroed in on another potential candidate.

According to Elliotte Friedman, there is belief that the Rangers have shifted their focus to Boston University’s David Quinn.

Which provides an interesting twist to the whole story because it was originally believed that Quinn had taken himself out of the race. Earlier in the month Larry Brooks had mentioned that David Quinn told friends and family that he was going to remain at BU. At the time, it looked like two potential replacements for Alain Vigneault had come and gone, but clearly things have shifted as of late.

As if one update wasn’t enough, James Mirtle followed up on Friedman’s report with another bombshell regarding Sheldon Keefe.

There’s no clear indication if the Rangers’ search will conclude anytime soon, but at least there is some belief that it is continuing to inch forward.