End of Story: Jordan Staal Suckered Punched Brand Prust

I'd love to see some of these writers take an unforeseen punch square on the chin and see whether or not Brandon Prust should or shouldn't have buckled to the ice.

ESPN "insider" John Buccigross unleashed this upside down logic gem on twitter:

"Terrible call on jordan staal. He get elbowed in the head, pokes Prust with a jab, Prust embellishes and Staal gets tossed. Nhl going soft."

You know what boys and girls?

Jordan Staal threw a gloved punched that connected square on Prust's chin and thats all that matters. He blindsided him and caught him by surprise. Whether or not Prust embellished the hit I don't know. But it's tough to question whether or not a guy who is one of the toughest fighters in the NHL would embellish getting popped on the chin with a sucker punch.

I'd jump at the opportunity to see some of the naysayers catch a sucker punch on the chin and see what would happen to them and whether or not they would embellish the hit. Staal didn't give Prust a full punch, if anything it was a lazy jab. But it was a glove covered punch which landed square on a players chin who never saw it coming.

Staal is usually a clean player which makes the situation all that much more surprising. But it still doesn't change the fact that he cheap shotted Prust and was deserving of his five minute major and match penalty.

End of story.

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