Even Though Wade Redden Sucks, Potter Is Sent Down

With Michal Rozsival ready to go, the Rangers has re-assigned Corey Potter to Hartford. So much for everyone being held accountable. When you have 5 years and $30 million remaining on your contract, it really doesn't matter what you do.
Example A: Wade Redden
If he were to have his nameplate removed from his jersey, he would be somewhere along the lines of being a 3rd D pairing, 7th defenseman or in a dramatic case the AHL. Just for the record, that's not my immense hatred for Redden talking, it's the truth.

Now go and take that Redden nameplate and stitch it back on the jersey and put it on the same player and wahhhhlahhh. You have a $39 million defenseman who plays significant minutes, plays on the power play, and has no threat to his job.

Un F'cking Believable.

The only equivalent I can think of at the moment to Wade Redden is if the Dodgers signed Andruw Jones for 6 years instead of 2 and didn't have the luxury of releasing him.

With no other defenseman on the roster, Wade Redden can continue to do his best not to try too hard.