Fans Gathering for "Fire Sather Rally" Before Today's Game

Ranger fans have felt a growing disconnect from the team they love for years, but thanks to Mike Zippo, Marcie Braverman, and a grass roots effort through social media, today the Rangers are going to know exactly how the fans feel.

Before today's Ranger game against the Buffalo Sabres, beginning at 5 PM across the street from Madison Square Garden, fans will be congregating to say they've had enough.

Enough of the Holiks, Gomezs, and Reddens that have burdened this team for years. Ten years of mediocre hockey is enough and it's time for change.

Even Mike Zippo and Marcie Braverman, the masterminds behind the "Fire Sather Rally" taking place before tonight's game are level-headed enough to know they are not going to see Glen Sather making a Nixon-like "perp walk" out to the helicopter as he leaves the kingdom in shame.

It's about getting Ranger fans together, in unison, to say "no more". To say "most of us will still be loving this team long after the current administration is gone". To say  "It's not a paycheck to us, it's our passion. We're the paying customer, the one the Rangers hold by the ankles and shake until everything is gone, and the customer ain't happy"

Remember, if you aren't attending you can listen to Blueshirt Banter Radio Live at 4:30 PM. Eddie and Joe will be live at the rally, bringing us all the action.