These ugly mugs!!


Blueshirt Banter BBQ 2015 group pic!

Girardi on Local News!


You can also see Glass and Staal, too!

Prospect Camp


From the Rangers twitter. Why isn't Nieves wearing a Reebok practice jersey? Also what's with that helmet logo? Are they dropping the NYR? Who knows!

The face of innocence


Little O got his first Rangers jersey. This is the face of someone who doesn't even know what hockey is let alone Tanner Glass.

Rangers Fan Cam captures stunning image of MSG in Game 3


This is the best part about technology: all the wild and crazy stuff we get a chance to see thanks to it. Cameras with this much resolution are insane - and the images they provide us with are so, so cool.

Is there any place better to watch hockey than at Madison Square Garden? Seriously, just take a look around - it's absolutely majestic.

Can you find yourself in there?

GIF: Rangers play ice football


Throwback! Remember back when the Rangers decided to play football on the ice? That... could have ended worse than it did.

Henrik Lundqvist has an odd method of snapping the ball, but being on skates and with goalie pads, that was probably the best he could do. Just don't let him take the center job elsewhere.

Happy Superbowl Sunday!

Thanks to r-angerstown for bringing back this moment via GIF!

GIF: Mats Zuccarello, the ultimate team motivator


If I got a hug from Mats Zuccarello, I would absolutely go out there and do my very, very best to not let him down. I would probably be much more inspired than normal.

The Rangers have the best hobbit ever. No wonder they got the win!

A thousand thanks to NYRGifs for the GIF - this is the best content out there.

Mats Zuccarello hasn't aged a day


Same face. Same flow. And he's wearing the right colors, too!

s/t to /u/oxbo1690 for finding and sharing this - seriously, young Zucc is beyond adorable.

Check out this amazing Henrik Lundqvist painting


New York artist Ari Lankin is a hockey fan. And, well, when all those things come together - living in New York, loving hockey, and being able to create - you just have to paint the King himself, don't you?

That's what Lankin has done with this gorgeous, extremely New York Henrik Lundqvist piece. The best part? It's available!

That isn't even the only Rangers piece Lankin has done, as he also has a piece that features Jaromir Jagr from his time as a Ranger - including a piece of the actual jersey crest.

The Jagr piece isn't available, but if you want some kickass hockey art, Lankin is taking commissions - and that's pretty cool.

These Henrik Lundqvist socks are very handsome


If you get socks this Christmas, hopefully, they are these socks.

s/t to /u/ronton_soup_ for finding these - seriously, these are the greatest socks ever.