Chris Kreider is apparently not a fan of golf clubs


Look at that thing fly!

This even ties in with Kreider's attitudes earlier in the offseason, where he apparently does not own golf clubs and has no desire to.

Golf clubs: Kreider's new non-goalie targets?

Here's Antti Raanta in full Rangers gear


He looks good.

Of course, the red, white, and blue looks good on anybody - but Raanta's really rocking it.

WATCH: Brad Morrison and Adam Brooks' goals in Traverse City Tournament


The Rangers may have fallen to the Wild 5-2 in the Traverse City Tournament, but hey - that's still two Rangers goals scored! In September! Real hockey is here, and the actual Rangers are just around the corner.

Henrik Lundqvist with Vladislav Tretiak


The World Cup of Hockey is already exciting times. The actual games won't be played until a year for now, but in the meantime, pressers went underway.

Of course Hank was there, because in all likelihood, he'll be repping Sweden - and of course the great Vladislav Tretiak was there, because he's one of the best to ever guard the crease.

The two meeting together? That's beyond awesome.

The Garden ice is down, ready for hockey


What beautiful, glorious ice it is.

Hockey! SOON.

Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard, Kevin Hayes celebrating the end of summer


Last weekend of the summer☀️ 30 days until the fun starts @brassardderick @kphayes12

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You know what the end of summer means? Hockey!!

Happy Labor Day!

Henrik Lundqvist, baseball expert


Hey, if you've got someone like Henrik Lundqvist in your corner, you might as well turn to him for opinions on his expertise, right?

And who knows better about making glove saves than the king himself? He's right: that was a beauty.

Antti Raanta has no chill, wanted Blackhawks to get swept


It would appear Antti Raanta is a vengeful man. Or at the very least, he's a guy who would just really, really rather be playing than not.

As bad as this comes across - what does Raanta do if Mackenzie Skapski passes him? - there are a few things to like about this.

One: He wants to compete. He knows he's going to be a backup to Henrik Lundqvist, but as long as he's actually part of a team, he'll probably be happy.

Two: He's honest. If things aren't going well, at least now we know who we can get a good quote from. And really, considering how cookie cutter hockey players can be, isn't that refreshing?

UPDATE: Okay, apparently this may have been a mistranslation? Raanta denied his earlier statements to Mark Lazerus, a Blackhawks beat writer.

If that's the case, then point one still stands: he's at least somebody who does want to compete, and hey, you do want guys like that on your team. If that's the worst he did - well, there's nothing wrong with that.

Raphael Diaz's family made him a Rangers cake


Can you tell this dude is happy to be back in New York? He's even got the right shirt on!