Happy birthday, Chris Kreider!


So the Rangers season ended much earlier than any of us would have liked. And it means that, for the first time in a while, Chris Kreider won't be playing hockey on (or around) his birthday.

Which just so happens to be today! While he isn't playing, still, a very happy birthday to everyone's favorite goalie killer. Let's celebrate with something a bit more lighthearted: that K-pop video that's still in his Twitter bio, even after an entire season.

There are worse things to watch when the Rangers aren't in the playoffs, after all.

WATCH: Rangers prospect Ryan Gropp helps send Seattle Thunderbirds to WHL Final


Ryan Gropp - who the Rangers selected 41st overall in the 2015 draft - really came through for his junior team last night. He assisted on the Seattle Thunderbirds' game winning goal in double OT to complete the sweep over the Kelowna Rockets and head to the Western Hockey League final.

He also scored Seattle's first goal of the game!

Gropp scored 70 points in 66 regular season games with Seattle; in the playoffs, he now has five points - three goals and two assists - through six games.

WATCH: Dan Boyle tells off Larry Brooks


Thanks to CSN, we can actually watch Dan Boyle's demand that Larry Brooks leave before doing his end-of-season scrum with the rest of the reporters.

And wow, he really is not happy. Right from the beginning, he's swearing at Brooks, saying nobody - including Boyle himself - has any respect for him, and that he wants him to, well, get out. And that's putting it lightly.

When Brooks doesn't comply, Boyle continues. For the entire duration of the video.

It's one thing to read it - it's another thing to watch and listen to Boyle as he goes in.

Quote Keith Yandle: 'Wheeee'


Click for sound, guys.I can't even tell you how many times I've watched this Vine now, but it's both an embarrassing amount and, simultaneously, not nearly enough.

Keith Yandle is a precious, beautiful soul who must be protected at all costs. Also he must stay a Ranger. Please.

That time Antti Raanta blew up his army unit


Antti Raanta has been wonderful as of late. There's his general good goaltending performances, him bopping opponents on the head, and just how approachable and loveable a guy he seems to be in general.

So let's take a moment to look back on the time Raanta got his army unit blown up.

He told this story back when he was with the Chicago Blackhawks. See, Finland's conscription practices have come up again in the news, what with the Penguins' Olli Maatta set to begin his service. Raanta, a Finn, of course had to serve for six months as well - and he led his unit into a minefield.


Good thing it's only pucks he faces now!

Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello taking over Rangers goal-scoring


So there was a bit of extra fanfare to Mats Zuccarello's 20th of the season, but obviously, it counted - and with that, in what's really only his third full season in the NHL, Zucc is officially a 20-goal scorer.

It's not that different from being a 19-goal scorer, which he was just a couple of seasons ago, but people like nice, round numbers. And hey - it's a career high.

And there are still quite a few games to go this season yet. Zucc is second in goals scored on the Rangers, behind just Derick Brassard - though if Zucc had taken the empty net, they'd be tied at 21 goals apiece. This is also Brassard's first ever 20-goal season, though like Zucc, he's come close the past couple of years.

In recent seasons, Rick Nash has been the Rangers' goals leader. Injuries, though - and a career-low 8.1 shooting percentage - this season have limited him, resulting in just 12 goals from him thus far.

And this year looks to belong to Brass and Zucc. It's not a bad pairing at all.

WATCH: 'Never Quit' excerpt from Becoming Henrik Lundqvist


If you missed the premiere of ESPN Films and Disney XD's Becoming Henrik Lundqvist, no need to worry - here's a five minute excerpt!

The visual image of a little Hank running away and hiding because he lost a game at daycare is adorable and hilarious, though.

But this segment does speak to some of the growing up he had to do to get to where he is, particularly at the World Juniors. Good thing he realized he did love hockey more than he hated losing!

WATCH: Chris Summers interviews Hartford Wolf Pack teammates, is hilarious


This is wonderful.

Chris Summers is 27 years old. He has played 70 NHL games, so his future as an AHL guy seems pretty set - though he did get in three games with the Rangers this season.

But there's nothing wrong with being an AHL guy; that still makes him a better hockey player than most. And great vets on minor league teams have to be valued, particularly for how they help the developing prospects - whether it's through their on-ice talents or, well, by keeping things light in the room.

Which I assume Summers does, because he is hilarious.

Even if Mark Adam Tambellini doesn't want to give him the respect he clearly deserves.

But at least he got to meet Ray Ryan Bourque! Career highlight for Chris' Corner.

Teaser: 'Becoming Henrik Lundqvist' to air on Disney XD


A documentary on Henrik Lundqvist, from ESPN and Disney? Well, that'll definitely be interesting, to say the least.

There's another teaser for it you can see here - it looks like it'll be a good story!

WATCH: I am not sure what Mats Zuccarello is doing but it looks funny


Okay, so if it wasn't initially clear: this is a Norwegian comedy piece on hockey. (I think.) (And it stars Mats Zuccarello, as everything about Norwegian hockey should.)

At least, that's what it is according to Norwegian and reddit user and /u/Kikdo. There's Zucc playing goalie, as he is known to do, and the other guys are comedians, talking about the game. Kikdo translated one of the jokes:

"Hockey is about getting a puck to the fucking head and not suffering from brain damage."

Yeah, that'd be Zucc alright.

UPDATE: Subtitles have been added! Now you can enjoy the video in English glory.