Friday Morning Reads

Good Morning everyone, and welcome to Friday. I for one am happy to be here.

With the Rangers 2700 miles away (from most of us anyway), there isn't much news going around. But here are a few good reads for your day. If there is any news later on we'll have it for you.

Interesting read from the New Jersey Newsroom about how sports in the NY/NJ area is costing taxpayers billions. The Rangers are mentioned prominently in this article, both in the present and back in the early 80's when Gulf and Western threatened to move them to the arena being built at the Meadowlands. How different would the history of the Rangers and Devils be had that actually happened?

You guys remember Rangers 2004 second round pick Darin Olver (not to be confused with former New York Mets pitcher Darren Oliver)? Well Darin's career with the Rangers never panned out, but he is tearing it up in the DEL (German Ice Hockey League). To refresh your memory, the Rangers had five picks in the first two rounds of that draft, Al Montoya (now playing in front of hundreds in Uniondale), Lauri Korpikoski, (now playing in front of hundreds in Glendale), Olver, Dane Byers, and Brandon Dubinsky.

I'm not doing this enough, and shame on me for it. Make sure you are making SB Nation NY a part of your daily read, they cover all the NY/NJ teams over there, and its run by my buddy Ed Valentine. Also, Joe Fortunato moonlights over there when he isn't imparting his wisdom here.

This is a few days old, but still worth checking out. Our friend Eric at the 5-hole blog talks about the Rangers needing a new radio home. I couldn't agree more. When you are a premier franchise in the NHL, you can't be on a station that can't be heard 25 miles from NYC.

Mike Gleich talks about how the Rangers lack finishing quality and elite talent.

For the latest Whale sounds, say hi to Mitch at Howlings. Mitch is going to be back with us Wednesday night on the radio show, should be fun.

If you are on the Twitter, make sure you are following me @blueshirtbanter, and the rest of the guys are at @joe_fortunato, @rangerstribune, @rangercrisis, @blueseatblogs, @mleetch352, @RangerSmurf, @canyonblueshirts, @byndblueshirts, @TheSchwab12. We have some pretty good conversations on there, some of them are even about the Rangers.

Finally, I'm not sure how old this is, but Chris from the UK brought this to my attention. Your favorite goaltender has a Head and Shoulders commercial in Sweden. The fake Rangers jersey hanging behind him cracks me up, and he could totally be Bradley Cooper's stunt double: