Game Thread: 12/17, Rangers at Predators

Vesey will take the ice against the team that first drafted him. This should be nice and awkward.

Jimmy Vesey and the New York Rangers are on the road tonight in Nashville.

  • The Predators are 13-12-4, but are 10-3-2 on home ice.
  • Nashville is 4-5-1 in their last ten games.
  • The Rangers are 10-5-0 on the road this year.
  • Ryan Johansen leads the Predators in points (21) and James Neal leads the team in goals (9).
  • A Predator will skin or decapitate its kill and fashion it into a trophy.
  • If a Predator is hoodwinked or seriously injured, it will explode itself and its prey.
  • Eight years after winning the Academy Award for Best Actor, Adrien Brody starred in the 2010 film Predators.
  • Predators are solitary hunters. They hunt not for sustenance or even for sport, but as a rite of passage. Oddly, their society and culture did not spend much time on the development of eyeglasses to aid their incredibly teensy eyes. Their teeth also look to be very difficult to brush.

Take care of your teeths.

Much like in Buffalo, Vesey will hear plenty of boos and jeers tonight. The Rangers are looking to pick up a win before returning to the Garden to face the Devils at 8:00pm tomorrow.

Enjoy the game. And remember that if you kill a xenomorph or a Predator your life might be spared as a sign of respect for a fellow hunter. It happened in that Adrien Brody movie... or was that another Predator movie? Not the one with Jessie Ventura and Arnold, it came way after that. Anyway, good luck and don't be an Adrien Brody.

Let's go Rangers.