George Steinbrenner Passes Away

This is not hockey related, but it is a very sad day for sports.  Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, nicknamed "The Boss", has passed away from a massive heart attack suffered this morning in Tampa.  Steinbrenner revolutionized the way professional sports owners conducted themselves, and single-handedly turned the Yankees from a great team to a global team, worth over $1 billion.
Yankee fan or not, many respected Steinbrenner for his commitment to the Yankees, and his unflinching desire to throw hundreds of millions of dollars in payroll to help his team win, even if it meant operating in the red.  Steinbrenner's success and influence on the Yankees is second to none, even moreso than Babe Ruth, and the new Yankee Stadium is aptly nicknamed "The House That George Built".
There will never be another person, or owner, like The Boss.  Rest in peace.