Gift yourself with a visit to Secret Base

Happy weekend, Blueshirt Banter! We have a little message to share with you from our friends at Secret Base on YouTube:

Hey there. If you like sports documentaries and weird internet then we have a good chance at being friends. No pressure though, I’ll settle for acquaintances. At Secret Base, we’re all about exploring stories that just happen to be about sports, digging through the forgotten or bizarre, and embracing the human nature of these moments in history. But the reason we’re popping in now is that we’re closing in on 1 million subscribers on YouTube. It’s a nice, round number and therefore people like to celebrate it, so we wanted to invite you to celebrate with us.

If further convincing is needed, then just check out this video. I think you’ll like them, and if not I will mail you back your minutes spent watching. Thank you, potential new friend.