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Hello friends.

Were you aware that it's now the holiday season? Of course you were. You're a terribly smart gentleman/lady that is completely aware of the time of the year. You also probably know how to operate a motor vehicle and can perfectly microwave a Pop Tart. What's that you say? You don't have any good gift ideas for yourself or for others that you care about deeply? Well, I'm here to tell you that you can express your love and friendship to those that matter most to you by subscribing them to a free Rangers newsletter called Blueshirts Monthly. The best part? You don't have to tell them it's free.

Awards don't exist for free monthly newsletters about the New York Rangers but if they did I assure you that Blueshirts Monthly would need several trophy cases and many walls and picture frames to display them all. Joe, Tony, and I would be using awards as paper weights or folding them up and turning them into paper airplanes. We'd have dramatic dogfights and constantly make those fake machine gun sounds you made all the time when you were a kid. Our planes would prowl the sky like falconeaglehawks and the world would come to fear the sight of the three of us running down the street holding our planes high and making jet engine sounds. Our friends, significant others, and families would beg for us to stop but we wouldn't. Lost in the glory of our power we'd turn our paper airplane fleet on them and gun them down without mercy. We'd be forever haunted by their screams of terror and disbelief when our paper airplanes strafed their vulnerable bodies... Where am I going with this? Oh yeah. We'd win a lot of awards.

Here is some praise for Blueshirts Monthly:

"It's really nice." -My Mom.

"BM Newsletter? Is it about s***?" -Some Guy on Twitter (@BM_Newsletter is our twitter handle)

"Oh, I get it ‘BM'... yeah you should change that." -My brother when I told him about the guy from twitter.

"It is the finest electronic newsletter produced by Mike Murphy. That he has ever made. In his whole life. It has so many nifty words in it." -That same brother.

"Um. It's the bonus coverage to Blueshirt Banter. Something like that." -My other brother.

"Good job with the newsletter boys. I was going to finish 'A Walk In the Woods' by Bill Bryson on my lunch hour, but now you guys have just ruined that plan!" - I.LikeMittens (suck it Bryson)

"I’m really loving the newsletter. Like the different features (especially the retrospective looks at past Rangers, tracking the prospects, and the What if? sections). My only critique is... [CONTENT MISSING]... Love that this is out even before November officially starts." -NYRWolfer

"Great job guys! I enjoyed the newsletter, and was surprised at the amount of content. The reading lasted from my morning s*** through my entire subway ride!" -BigB22

"Thanks for doing the newsletter. I like the historical articles about past players and seasons. Thanks mike for your comics! This is great. Can’t wait to get these every month." -NYC Jim347

"Great job! Not sure why, but I thought this was going to be a re-cap of the months stories, which I try to keep track of. Had no idea it would contain so much original material! I’m printing this out at work and leaving it on the coffee table." -voice22

"Dig it's terrible. Just kidding buddy, you did an awesome job." -MPepe26

"Thanks for another great newsletter guys! I'll get right on reading it as soon as I finish reading the first one." -NY Fan in Delaware (said one month after the release of the first issue)

While you are signing up you and/or a friend for a subscription to Blueshirts Monthly why don't you get yourself a shirt? Did you know that Blueshirt Banter sells shirts? Did you know that I designed these shirts? Check out the fancy shirts we have for sale and proudly wear them to attract members of the opposite sex, impress your friends, and terrify your enemies. The shirts may or may not be made out of mithril and wearing them may or may not give you the ability to punch through walls and might enable you to eat peanuts whole without any discomfort. To see the shirts we have for sale click HERE. Do it. You know you want to. After you click that link click THIS ONE to see a cute picture of puppies. You clicked both links didn't you? You'll just click whatever links I put in front of you won't you? Bless your little heart.

So, to subscribe to Blueshirts Monthly please email us at with "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line. Join the growing horde of more than 850 subscribers that have already signed up and enjoy a monthly look into the Rangers' past, future, and an analysis of the present. When you subscribe we'll hook you up with any and all back issues that you may have missed. Maybe it'll be easier for you guys to subscribe if I put it in big, aggressive letters. Here you go:

To Subscribe: Email with "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.

To those who have already subscribed all I can say is thank you. So far working on the newsletter has been a dream come true for me. It allows me to do so many of the things I love to do; write, read, research, draw, talk about hockey, be a crazy person, and work with people I care about. We don't know how big Blueshirts Monthly can or will get but we're already thrilled with what we've accomplished and by the support you guys have shown us. Over 850 of you have subscribed. That number leaves me absolutely speechless and with each month it just keeps growing. Please, if you have the time, spread the word about the newsletter and help us keep that number growing. Your support means everything to us and so do all the kind words you say about it.

I hope that you all have/will enjoy a wonderful holiday season with those you most care about. Stay warm, stay safe, stay smiling, everybody please try to love everybody, and as always...

Let's go Rangers.

p.s. Feel free to treat this as your open thread for the day. It was supposed to go up yesterday but I was having issues getting on to SB Nation... so if Joe asks just tell him I posted this today. He won't really notice... he doesn't pay much attention anyway. He's too busy doing whatever it is Joe does during the weekends. Normally it involves eating an entire jar of peanut butter with an over-sized wooden spoon and watching re-runs of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Remember that show?