Heatley Could Be Moved Sooner Rather Than Later

According to Bruce "Malkin To LA" Garrioch, Dany Heatley's contract stipulates that if he is a Senator on July 1st, owner Eugene Melnyk is on the hook for $4 million even GM Bryan Murray trades Heatley later in the summer or during the season.

The heat is on the Senators to trade Dany Heatley by Canada Day or it could be costly.vTwo league executives confirmed to Sun Media yesterday that if the high-scoring winger isn't dealt by July 1, Senators owner Eugene Melnyk will be on the hook to pay Heatley a whopping $4-million bonus (all terms US), even if he doesn't play for Ottawa next season.

Heatley has completely handcuffed the Sens due to the timing of his trade demand and the fact it's public. His $4 million bonus significantly lowers his trade value during the upcoming draft where trades are likely to happen. Why would a prospective trade partner make a move for Heatley before July 1st when they can save themselves $4 million after that date? That is the problem that is going to face Murray. As a Rangers fan this can be looked at two ways: The Rangers can wait like most teams likely will until after July 1st to try and pull the trigger on a trade. Or they can use the $4 million as leverage since James Dolan has such deep pockets and the Rangers will have some extra cash since they've raised ticket prices.

The Canadian media seems ready to crucify Heatley and with good reason. I'm completely opposed to players making 'trade demands', Heatley must think he's in the NFL and his name Dany UnoCinco. I'd be absolutely livid if I were a Sens fan. But as Rangers fan I see this as an opportunity. The Rangers can get Heatley for a steep discount if they act at the trade deadline. With $4 million dollars hanging over Murray and Melnyk's heads, they will probably be willing to move Heatley for less. This is where a trade fo Rozsival, Zherdev and a draft pick is very possible. Sather should use this as leverage to get the sniper the Rangers need at a discount.

Those who question his character have good reason. But the Rangers have put themselves in a situation where their won't be a perfect solution. Heatley has a big contract and has demanded trades from two teams. But then again, Marian Gaborik has a ticking time bomb for a groin and a deal with him could be even more worthless than Wade Redden has been for the Rangers.

if the deal could be made, would you want Dany Heatley on the Rangers?

Yes, he is exactly what the Rangers need272
No, he will eventually get disgruntled in NY too, rather have someone else80