Henrik Lundqvist has his 30th win against the Islanders

He also has 30+ wins over the Devils and Flyers!

Thirty wins is a lot of wins for just one goalie.

Now, Henrik Lundqvist can lay claim to defeating the New York Islanders for the 30th time.

Via Elias Sports Bureau Inc., the Rangers’ 5-3 season opener against the Islanders finally allowed Lundqvist to capture that elusive 30th win over the Rangers’ rivals.

There are a couple of other divisional opponents he’s conquered that many times, too: both the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers have fallen to him over 30 times each.

That’s 95 wins in total over just three opponents. Lundqvist has won 375 games in the NHL; a quarter of them have come against these three teams, making their games hell for the past 11 seasons he’s been in the NHL.

And that’s not exactly common; as Elias tells us, only Ryan Miller and Marc-Andre Fleury have 30+ wins against any team. And that’s just one team - Lundqvist has done it against three.