Henrik Lundqvist: How The King Has Earned The Throne

Henrik Lundqvist has made saves, stopped shots, won games, and perplexed opponents left and right this season, and even with the praise we have heaped on him I do not think it is enough.

The amount Lundqvist means to this New York Rangers team is undefinable, but one thing is for sure: King Henrik truly is the king.

With 42 saves last night, Lundqvist earned his 42nd career shutout, as well as his seventh shutout of the season. With a 27-11-4 record, Lundqvist has had the best season of his career, and could finally win the Vezina Award.

Regardless of whether or not he actually wins the Vezina, Lundqvist has shown that he's among the top three goaltenders in hockey, and has certainly made the case for being the best goalie in hockey.

Here's a specific stat:

vs. Division- 10-3 1.70 GAA

Also, he is 2-0 vs. Boston, both times in Boston, this season.

Finally, and this may be most important, Lundqvist oils like he is getting a himmer. Enough said.