Henrik Lundqvist is the king at 40+ shot games

Throw that many shots at him, and he’ll stop most of them.

Remember when Henrik Lundqvist was old and washed up? That’s a narrative the Anaheim Ducks probably would have liked to subscribe to; unfortunately for them, it was not to be.

Try and try and try as they might, Lundqvist very soundly shut the door on them, conceding just one goal - a goal in which the Rangers were already up 2-0 at that - on 44 shots.

I think HockeyStats.ca paints a very good visual as to just what that looks like:

Granted, that’s total shot attempts and not just shots, but still... Lundqvist had a lot to work with, and he handled it spectacularly.

Not that we should be surprised. Via the Elias Sports Bureau, Lundqvist’s record in games in which he has to face 40+ shots is outstanding:

The victory improves Lundqvist’s career record in the 36 regular-season games in which he faced 40 or more shots on goal to a stellar 23–3–10. He’s 6–0–4 in 10 such games at the Garden.

That’s a winning percentage of 64%, and a points percentage of 92%.

Not that the Rangers should be advised to give up that many shots, well, ever, but it’s good to know that their goalie can handle it.

That was the second game this season in which Lundqvist saw over 40 shots and won; the first was a 3-2 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers back on Nov. 25. And as a matter of fact, Lundqvist has won every game this season in which he’s faced at least 35 shots.