Henrik Lundqvist is the king of dealing with many shots

Yet again, he won a game in which he faced 40+.

The New York Rangers scoring early and often was great, because it gave Henrik Lundqvist a lead to work with - and a lead to hold, as the Philadelphia Flyers came alive to pepper Lundqvist with shots in desperation to tie the game.

Twenty-two, to be exact, in the third period.

Lundqvist ultimately stopped 40 of 42 shots against the Flyers. Yet another 40+ save game for him - not that he’s unfamiliar with those. Via the Elias Sports Bureau:

Lundqvist's career record in regular-season games in which he faced 40 or more shots on goal to a remarkable 22-3-10. Lundqvist's .771 points percentage whan facing 40-plus shots is the second-highest among active NHL goaltenders who've played at least 15 such games, behind Tuuka Rask's .810 percentage (16-3-2 in 21 games).

That’s 35 games in which Lundqvist has faced 40+ shots, or roughly 5% of the games he’s ever played in his career, total. To get points in the strong majority of those? That’s incredible - and shows just how lucky the Rangers are to have Lundqvist as their last line of defense.