Lundqvist suffered knee injury at 2017 Worlds

Henrik Lundqvist recently told a Swedish newspaper (Sport Express) that he damaged ligaments in his knee playing at the World Championship. He will be able to do “nothing” to start his summer while rehabbing his knee for four to six weeks.

Lundqvist expressed that the injury was well worth it because he managed to win gold with his brother Joel. He also mentioned that he hoped the 2017 Worlds wasn’t his last time playing with Tre Kronor (the Swedish national team) and again expressed his disappointment about NHL players not being able to participate in the Pyeongchang games because it is bad for hockey.

Lundqvist received acupuncture before the gold medal game against Canada and his teammates saw him actively limping. In pictures of Sweden’s post-game celebrations it was clear that Lundqvist’s knee was wrapped. The pain bothered him halfway through the gold medal game, but he was able to stay in the blue crease.

The face of the New York Rangers franchse has intentions on staying in Sweden until August where he will take to the ice after rehabbing his knee.