Here’s Henrik Lundqvist, helping the goalies of the future

What better guy to learn from?

Being awesome at hockey is one thing; giving back and sharing your skills and knowledge with the next generation of players is another.

That’s exactly what Henrik Lundqvist was up to over the weekend, helping teach the goalies of the future - and taking pretty much the coolest selfie ever with them, too.

Can you imagine that - being a young goalie, and there’s one of the best to ever play (he has over 400 wins!) being there with you? No doubt that has to be the coolest experience ever, and the little goalies’ faces pretty much confirm it.

Not just that - but learning from him, too.

That’s probably going to be a weekend those goalies will never forget - and you know Lundqvist knows he made so many days by doing just that.

That’s pretty much the best way to be a goalie.