How Bad of an Owner is James Dolan? SI says not as bad as some

Good Afternoon - has decided to identify who they believe to be the best and worst owners in the four major team sports. The criteria used to evaluate owners included:

  • Team's success or failure on the field.
  • Willingness to spend money to improve the team.
  • Stability and capabilities of the front office and management.
  • Amenities at the team's venue.
  • Club's culture and interactivity with fans.
The press release regarding their findings has been placed below this e-mail as well as the link to the story. If you would like to speak with anyone from SI to discuss the findings in this package, please feel free to contact me via e-mail.
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James Dolan was listed as one of the worst NBA owners appear Not a good omen for Rangers fans

Dolan simply does not have any invested interest in his teams, he's disconnected. On any given night he probably could not tell you whether the Rangers won or lost. He also probably couldn't name more than 70% of the players on his roster. People can say what they want about George Steinbrenner, but wouldn't you rather have an a-hole owner who is willing to do anything to bring home a championship than a guy who seemingly could care less?

Here's my response.
Hey Ryan,

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I have to say that I'm pretty shocked that James Dolan (NY Rangers) wasn't listed in the top 5 of the worst NHL owners. If he's listed as one of the worst owners in the NBA, how is he not listed as one of the worst owners in the NHL? Dolan has allowed GM Glen Sather to destroy the make up of the team and furthermore, he can care less whether or not the Rangers win a Cup. All he cares about is if there are butts in the seats and with the loyal fan base the Rangers have, he has nothing to worry about in that department. Dolan is perfectly content with sitting back and allowing Sather to put together a mediocre team that will just be good enough to make the playoffs and keep fans interested, but nowhere near the level they would need to be to win. All he cares about is attendance and revenue.

Rangers fans deserve better.

-Ryan McFadden