Igor Shestyorkin named KHL goalie of the month

Remember: he’s only 20.

At 118th overall, Igor Shestyorkin was the 14th goalie selected in the 2014 NHL draft. He was the second goalie the New York Rangers picked that year, too; Brandon Halverson was their first pick at 59th overall.

Shestyorkin, 20, has played 18 games for the KHL’s St. Petersburg team, SKA. He has a .943 save percentage.

A 20-year-old. With a .943 save percentage. Playing against men. Professionally.

I suppose you could say that he’s awesome, and the KHL agrees, because he’s been named the best KHL goalie for the month of October.

During that time (and a bit before, in September), he registered the third-longest shutout streak ever recorded in KHL history, lasting 272:08. That’s a little over four and a half games absolutely nobody was getting any pucks past him.

Shestyorkin is currently third overall in the KHL when it comes to save percentage, but the two guys above him - Igor Bobkov and Andrei Gavrilov - have not only played fewer games, but are 5-8 years older than Shestyorkin is.

What a bright future he has ahead of him! Here’s to this keeping up, because this is just amazing goaltending.