In the Spirit of the Holidays, an Ode to Alex Frolov

After all the talk about Frolov's Russian interview, I thought the best way to handle the situation would be to goof on him, so here goes; Just try and get this out of your head once you sing it to yourself:

To the tune of "Let it Snow":

Oh your play’s been nothing but frightful

But your comments were so insightful

I’ve had just about enough of you, bro

Time to go, Alex Fro, Alex Fro!

All your wraparounds goalies are stopping

While my blood pressure it just keeps on hopping

Your goal total’s way too low

Time to go, Alex Fro, Alex Fro!

When you finally become a Whale

How you’ll hate all those lousy bus rides

Now your Heritage jersey’s on sale

Only Ninteen Ninety Fi---ive!

Your career is slowly dying

Soon the KHL you will be trying

I’d trade you for a good cup of joe

Time to go, Alex Fro, Alex Fro!

Bob Rivers and Twisted Radio eat your heart out.