Inside the Division: 9/6 September is Here

HOCKEY, veterans getting tryouts, Tavares the Captain in Long Island, Hemp, and Traverse City.

I've come to accept that I will never get these out in any kind of structured schedule, they'll just go up when they go up (hope you guys don't mind). Hockey is more or less here guys and girls! The Traverse City Tournament is underway, camp is right around the corner, and the Rangers' first preseason game is on September 16th. Excited? I know I am.

Alright, enough with the poorly-penned introductory paragraph and more with the hockey-related links! Here are your links for the week (or however long it takes for me to post the next one of these):

NYR: Maturation a big part of Kristo becoming a success. |'s 30 in 30 preview and coverage of the New York Rangers. | Jim Cerny one-on-one with Anton Stralman. | One-on-one with Dominic Moore. | Ulf Samuelsson's return to the Rangers. | Girardi talks about being snubbed by Team Canada and wearing a visor. | Recap of the Rangers 4-3 loss to the Canes in Traverse City.
Life Link: Not sure if I am going to make a "thing" of this or not but I really wanted to share THIS with the community. | The Top 50 Ranked Players in EA Sports NHL 14.

In the Division

Columbus Blue Jackets- The Cannon

Carolina Hurricanes- Canes Country

Washington Capitals- Japer's Rink

Pittsburgh Penguins- Pensburgh

New York Islanders- Lighthouse Hockey

Philadelphia Flyers- Broadstreet Hockey

New Jersey Devils- In Lou We Trust

I hope you all enjoy chewing your way through all that hockey news and analysis as we all grumble and complain about Traverse City not being televised (huge disappointment) and get ready to hear news coming out of training camp and eye the beginning of preseason! I know I speak for everyone who contributes to the Banter when I tell you how excited we are to bring you guys coverage this season.

Note: I will be hosting the Blueshirt Banter Fantasy Hockey League(s) this year and will be making a write-up about it in the next week or two. If you are willing or interested in hosting a "spill over league" (I think we ended up with three leagues last year) let me know via email (can be found on my user page). I know that a lot of you guys are itching to get started on fantasy hockey and I promise that we'll get that ball rolling very soon, patience is a virtue my friends.

Let's go hockey. Let's go Rangers.