Rangers News: It Looks Like The Rangers And Flyers Are This Year's Winter Classic

According to our good friend Andrew Gross the Rangers and Flyers have been confirmed to be this upcoming Winter Classic selections.

From his article:

UPDATE: An NHL source has confirmed to phillyBurbs.com that the Rangers will face the Flyers in the Winter Classic at Citizen's Bank Ballpark on Jan. 2. The Eagles host the Redskins on Jan. 1, presuming the NFL has its season, so keeping those two events on separate days makes sense, plus it provides a reason the NHL will play in a baseball stadium despite its preference to play in football stadiums.

Sitting here at Yankee Stadium with the Royals beating up on the Yankees and there was a rumor around the press box (OK, the press box bathroom), that the Rangers and Flyers might play the next Winter Classic on New Year's Day at the Phillies' Citizen's Bank Ballpark. The NHL and the Rangers tried to have the outdoor game come to the old Yankee Stadium before it closed but that hit a snag and attempts to play the game at the new facility in the Bronx are currently blocked because of the Pinstripe Bowl, a college football bowl game that does not leave the NHL adequate time to set up a rink in the Stadium for Jan. 1.

Among the NHL's U.S.-based Original Six teams (Bruins, Red Wings, Blackhawks, Rangers) only the Rangers haven't participated in the outdoor game and NBC and the NHL surely want to get the team involved, never mind the fact that the Rangers definitely want to participate.

The rumor is coming out of Canada, where TSN's Darren Dreger has reported that matchup is up for consideration.

We've waited for a long time for this. Let's let it officially get confirmed before we go into details, but eat this up for now.