Jacob Trouba Re-Signs With Winnipeg

In a very strange twist, Jacob Trouba re-signed in Winnipeg on a two-year bridge deal far under market value.

This is a very strange situation, since it makes no sense from Trouba’s point of view. There were reports Trouba had turned down a five-year deal because it wasn’t rich enough for him, and then he turns around and signs this bridge deal. Two schools of thought here.

1) Trouba is signing this so that he’s easier to move. I’m not sure that’s the case though, way too many moving parts.

2) Trouba blinked first and Winnipeg benefited. Had Trouba not been signed by December 1st he would have lost the year and had to go through this again next year. Maybe he realized the Jets were serious about not moving him and not playing him and panicked.

The whole thing does smell strange, though. Even if option two is the case you still think he could have inked for more money. Whatever the case, this trade rumor is dead in the water now.