Joe Nieuwendyk Has Lost His Mind, Afternoon Links

Marc Staal.

Brandon Dubinsky.

Derek Stepan.

According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, that's what Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk has informed the Rangers the price would be for Brad Richards. Three cornerstones of the franchise for a player the Rangers can have for just the cost of his contract in July.

To spin a popular phrase.....What? No Lundqvist?

[Note by Jim Schmiedeberg, 02/24/11 12:50 PM EST GABORIK104LIFE also had this in a Fan Post, props to him, he was posting it while I was writing this up, thanks!

Apparently, Joe also asked for The Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building, a Nathans Franchise, and to change the title of the Sinatra classic to "Dallas, Dallas".

Even Defending Big D, SBNation home of the Dallas Stars, is speculating on whether the price may be too high.

Puck Daddy has a different spin on it:

Now, this news could have been leaked for many reasons. As a public flogging of Nieuwendyk for his asking price. (Y! Sports Nick Cotsonika reports that "Joe Nieuwendyk denied he discussed specific players with Rangers regarding Richards." Which is expected.) As a way for the Stars to set the price for all the teams, or for the Rangers to scare away other suitors by leaking an exaggerated version of it.

Finally, some comic relief:

Despite my promise to never ever link anything on the Bleacher Report, this is quite comical: This Penguins fan (surprise surprise) wants everyone to lay off Matt Cooke, and even finds a way to quasi-compare Matt Cooke to Gordie Howe. Seriously.