John Tortorella expects to coach tomorrow

Steve Zipay from Newsday has an update from practice, the whole story can be found here.

Here are the highlights of the story:

Q: Are you coaching tomorrow?
A: Am I coaching tomorrow? Sure.
Q: You weren't suspended?
A: I've been asked, as far as that situation, not to comment on that
Q: By?
A: By my boss.
Q: Did you talk to the league?
A: I've been asked not to comment on that by my boss.

Zipay also asks about Sean Avery, Torts was noncommittal, but I can't imagine Avery not playing tomorrow.

Tortorella also announced an endorsement deal with Dasani, and that he is taking every Caps fan in the world to Arby's to apologize.

Thanks to Steve Zipay and Newsday for putting it out there.