Just Bantering Around

Afternoon jibber-jabber:

Hey the Hartford Wolfpack are in the playoffs too, and they won Game One last night over Worcester.

From Newsday, NBC talking puck heads Pierre McGuire, Eddie O, and Mike Milbury share their thoughts on the Rangers

Fanhouse looks at which lower seed teams are legit.

Jeff Schultz is likely out for tomorrow. Must still be suffering from severe windburn from Dubinsky blowing by him Wednesday night. Oh, and at the bottom of that article, you will see a blurb about Caps' player's hair. That's all I'm going to say.

Rangers coach John Tortorella is just one of the former Rochester American players and coaches in the quest for the Cup.

The Bleacher Report says "The Avery Guided Missle"

Our own Ranger Reporter is getting restless for Game 2.

Scotty Hockey sets up Saturday for us.

Prospect Park says How bout the coach?

10 years ago today....

Wayne Gretzky ends his NHL career at Madison Square Garden with an assist, setting up a second-period goal as his New York Rangers fall to Pittsburgh 2-1 in overtime. Before the game, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announces the league is retiring No. 99 in honor of "The Great One.

15 years from 1994.

10 years since Gretzky retiring.

I feel old now.