Let's Get Real: Superstitions That Just May Be Real

What are your superstitions?

Sports are weird. OK, maybe that's not completely fair. Sports aren't weird, but what sports do to fans is really weird. Yeah. That makes more sense.

What I'm getting at is superstitions. Fans in every sport across the planet practice superstitions. If you have 100 people rooting for a team you probably have 100 different superstitions. And when it comes to hockey, well, those players and fans are the most superstitious of the bunch. Patrick Roy used to talk to his posts every time they made a "save." Most goalies tap their goal posts before each faceoff. Some players even have their in-game routines dominated by superstitions.

Me? I have my own, carefully created after years of testing. Don't judge me, especially since I'm opening up a strange window into my insanity here. These are my main superstitions:

- If the Rangers are playing well, I won't use the bathroom at any point during the game. Seriously I won't. When the team is playing poorly, I will use the restroom during an intermission to try and reverse-jinx them into playing well. (I told you this was going to get strange.)

- If I'm at the game, I don't text or answer phone calls until intermission. I'm there to watch the game. If you want my attention, pull a Michael Scott and text "911 EMERGENCY" and maybe I'll answer. Otherwise? No dice.

- I do this thing where when I think a big play is going to happen I look at either the Rangers logo (if I'm watching on TV) or at the "Rangers" writing on the scoreboard. I don't know, I guess I'm trying to direct the Hockey Gods as to which side the big play should favor.

- I actually title headlines on this website in specific patters to ensure I don't jinx players playing well, or the team playing well. Sometimes I will get snippy in headlines when the team is doing poorly to reverse-jinx them into success.

- Last year I texted the same exact people the same exact thing before every game. This obviously worked for a little and then stopped working. I was sad.

Well, I've opened myself up to all of you (what the hell was I thinking???). Go ahead and share with me your strange superstitions.