Listen to this broadcaster completely butcher three Rangers’ names

Skjei, I get. But it all went downhill from there.

Plenty of things in life deserve sympathy. We’re all human; we all make mistakes. Even if it’s something at our jobs - after all, who hasn’t messed up every now and then?

Unfortunately, when your job is on television and you’re doing it live, your mistakes may be a bit more prominent than someone else’s.

Case in point: this Fox Sports broadcaster who completely butchered not one, not two, but three Rangers’ names when trying to describe just one goal.

Oh girl, I’m so sorry. That’s the only bit highlighted, so I’m assuming (hoping) she got the rest of the names right, however many more there were, but that’s... pretty bad.

In her defense if you’re not prepared for Brady Skjei’s name, it’s easy to see where that would go wrong (“Brad”, though?). Mats Zuccarello could be a little tricky too if it’s your first time seeing his name, though it’s not as bad.

Chris Kreider, though? That’s just the middle of a really bad stretch for her. Yikes.