Live From The 2013 NHL Draft: Here We Go

The entire 2013 NHL Draft is happening today, and Bluehshirt Banter is there to give you all the coverage.

- As you guys have probably heard, we've been credentialed for tonight's draft. I'll be posting updates from there here, of course, but also make sure you're following us on Twitter for the most up to date news.

- There has been reports of the New York Rangers keeping all three picks and picking for need rather than the best player on the board. You all might remember the Rangers doing this in the first round of the 2010 NHL Draft when they selected Dylan McIlrath 10th overall.

- The second part of the above note? The Rangers are going to be taking some defenseman, with Gordie Clark highlighting the fact that the defensive pipeline is thin thanks to guys being promoted to the big club. He also said the organization will be looking for an heir to Henrik Lundqvist as well. It's about time the Rangers look for a goaltender in the draft.

- I still think the Rangers should take a long, hard look at some of the more offensive players who might fall because of their size. This is a deep draft, and the Rangers have three picks in the third round, they should probably take a risk with at least one of them.

- Expect a lot of trade talk from every team. The Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes have already confirmed they're willing to move their first round picks. A few big name players are on the trading block. Teams are still making decisions about whether or not they are going to use their compliance buyouts. Things are interesting right now, that's for sure.

We'll have more on this throughout the day, but for now use this as your open thread.