Manic take on Theo Fleury Looking To Make A Comeback

Sources tell TSN Theoren Fleury is attempting a comeback and wants to play in the NHL again.

After playing senior hockey last season, Fleury decided in February he was fit enough to give the NHL another try, so he hired a personal trainer and has been working diligently since.

Those close to him say he didn't leave the National Hockey League the way he wanted, which is fueling his desire to return.

The 41-year-old has been sober for almost four years and has been skating daily in Calgary in the hope that an NHL team is willing to invite him to training camp.

Interest in the former Stanley Cup champion won't be enough to clear the way for Fleury's return. He remains under indefinite suspension and would first have to be approved by the NHL and the NHLPA's Substance Abuse programs doctors before reinstatement would be considered.

Sources say Fleury recently sent NHL commissioner Gary Bettman a letter acknowledging his comeback bid and has also discussed the possibility with the leagues doctors.

At 5' 6'', Fleury was one of the smallest players in hockey. Intense and fearless, Fleury made a name for himself for more than his stature. He could score, play defensively and lead teams to championships in junior hockey, in the NHL and on the international stage.

I am a big fan of Theo Fleury and would love to see him make like Claude Lemeuix and once again play in the NHL. It would be quite the accomplishment as a 41 year old after being out of the NHL since 2003. He did play a season with the Belfast Giants, but there might be some mens league's here in the states that are more competitive. Fleury was one of those guys that embraced being the smallest guy on the ice and played with an enormous chip on his shoulder. I really enjoyed watching him play. Maybe a team like the 'Yotes can give him a minor league contract, I mean really, what do they have to lose? Here's some food for thought, what if Theo Fleury had began his career in the post-lockout NHL where the skill guys are blanketed in Gary Bettman bubble wrap and coddled by the commissioner's officiating minions? He registered over a point per game in his career at five foot nothin' in the real NHL, pretty incredible.

I wish him the best